Perfect Pairings

Why settle for single products when you can enjoy pairings!! In this section, we have carefully curated pairings to suit the expectations of all our customers. Our pairings cater to all moods and can be used absolutely anytime during the day or night. Go ahead and enjoy yourself!

The Sampler
The Sampler - Preview
The Sensational
The Sensational - Preview
Vibes BFF
Vibes BFF - Preview
The No Brainer
The No Brainer - Preview
Dual Ring BFF
Dual Ring BFF - Preview
Shiver BFF
Shiver BFF - Preview
The Play Date
The Play Date - Preview
Rouse BFF
Rouse BFF - Preview
Thrill BFF
Thrill BFF - Preview
Tune BFF
Tune BFF - Preview
Bow BFF - Preview
Wave BFF
Wave BFF - Preview
Tremble BFF
Tremble BFF - Preview
Caress BFF
Caress BFF - Preview
Arch BFF
Arch BFF - Preview

Pillow talk

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