SKYN® Rouse

About this item

  • Your new favorite exercise partner: Operates as a Kegel trainer and vibrating massager
  • Custom experience: Features 10 vibration modes
  • Convenient: USB rechargeable & up to 1 hour and 30 minutes of pleasure with every full charge
  • Ultra-soft silicone finish: Perfect for use with SKYN condoms and water-based lubricants

This is why you’ll love it SKYN® Condoms, Lubricants and Massagers

SKYN Rouse Kegel Massager helps make self-care sexier than ever. The internal muscle stimulation Kegel massagers provide will help intensify feelings during sex, turning pelvic floor stimulation into pure sensual pleasure! Share the remote control with your partner to let them explore new sensations with you. Thanks to the soft silicone finish, discreet size and accompanying remote control, you can wear & use the device whenever and wherever you want.