SKYN® Cocktail Club

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  • Flavored & scented: Piña Colada, Cherry Sunrise, Passion Daiquiri. Inspired by famous cocktails. 
  • Extra comfort: Long-lasting, ultra-smooth lubricant
  • Ultra-soft: Made from SKYNFEEL® material, a technologically advanced non-latex material which feels so soft and comfortable that you’ll find it barely noticeable.

Disclaimer: Always ask for consent before engaging in any sexual activity.

This is why you’ll love it SKYN® Condoms, Lubricants and Massagers

SKYN® Cocktail Club Lubricated Condoms are made with SKYNFEEL® material, a non-latex material that feels soft and natural. These full-length condoms are flavored and scented in Piña Colada, Cherry Sunrise, and Passion Daiquiri. All SKYN® condoms are free from natural rubber proteins, making them a suitable choice for people with known or suspected latex allergy.

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