Common Myths about Lubricant

Mar 17, 2022
Common Myths about Lubricant

Slowly but surely, lube is becoming less of a taboo subject when we talk about sex. And thank goodness, because there are some great benefits to incorporating lubricants into your sex life! It may be confusing at first, as there are many options available, but before you buy some lube, here are four common myths debunked.

Coconut oil works just as well

Please don’t do this. Coconut oil only works for certain people, not everyone. If you’re using it as vaginal lubrication, it’s important to know that it can knock your natural pH levels off balance. And especially don’t use it as lubricant if condoms are involved: most oils actually lead to an increased risk in the breakage of latex condoms. Reach for a personal lube that states condom compatibility instead.

Not everyone needs lube

There’s a common misconception that you only need lube if you experience vaginal dryness. Lubricant can indeed help with that issue but more than that, lube makes everything even wetter, which means sex can be more pleasurable. Who would say no to that? They can also introduce different sensations, such as a warming or cooling effect, to the area of application.

Lube is just for penis-in-vagina type sex

Wrong, again! Lubricant is for all types of couples and all types of sex. Case in point: anal sex. Anal lubricant is essential as the anus is incapable of producing sufficient natural lubrication during sex. Therefore, lube is essential and shall be used before or during anal penetration. The use of lube for anal sex helps also decreasing the risk of breaking the condom.

Lube plays no role in safer sex

Another great thing about lubricant - it reduces friction during sex. Too much friction can create skin tears, cuts, or irritations, all of which can cause minor infections. If you’re using lube with condoms - make sure they match up correctly - the lube will also help to prevent condom breakage. This means you’re even more protected against STIs and STDs.

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