How To Keep An Erection, For Longer

Jul 19, 2021
How To Keep An Erection, For Longer

Having sex all night long probably shouldn’t be the only type of sex in your repertoire - variety is the spice of life/it may lead to a lube crisis. The most recent data, which covers heterosexual couples only, reveals that sex can last anywhere between 55 seconds and 44 minutes. Sigh of relief - there is no “normal” sex duration! What matters most is that you and your partner(s) are satisfied with your sex life.

Having said that, penises can be temperamental. When a penis mixes with alcohol, weed, or sex anxiety it can lead to occasional erectile dysfunction - even when turned on - or premature ejaculation. While 85% of men between the ages of 20 - 39 claim to “always” or “almost always” get an erection and maintain it, that still leaves 15% of men of the same age who find it hard to...get hard and stay that way.

But every problem has a solution. If you have a penis, here are some simple steps you can take to help with longer and stronger erections:

STOP smoking: cigarettes increase the risk of impotence by preventing healthy blood flow to the penis. 

START eating a Mediterranean diet: vegetables, fruits, healthy fats such as nuts and olive oil, red wine and whole grains have been proven to improve sexual performance by lowering the risk of erectile dysfunction. 

STOP with the vigorous thrusting: Certain cases of erectile dysfunction are due to penile injuries that happen during sex. Take it slow when thrusting and research which sex positions are risky for your penis. If an online search gets your heart rate up, schedule an appointment with your doctor who will be able to reassure and advise. 

START getting your testosterone level checked: low testosterone often leads to a dip in libido, which in turn makes it complicated to get hard and stay hard. Your doctor will be able to help you find the best solution, if this happens to you.

STOP burning the candle at both ends: nocturnal erections last between three and five hours, providing the penis with oxygenated blood, which helps erectile tissue to stay elastic. The more shut-eye you get, the longer your erections will be. 

START being more active: daily/regular exercise in some form not only helps optimize blood flow, a vital element of healthy erections, it will also make sure the body is producing enough nitric oxide, which plays a role in helping erections to last longer. 

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