Love At First Sight: Which Lubricant Is The One For You?

Jul 21, 2021
Love At First Sight: Which Lubricant Is The One For You?

We all know that lubricant takes our sex life to the next level - but where to start? There’s a lot of choice out there - almost too much - that it can be hard to know where to start. 

Here’s a helpful tip: start with how you’re going to be using your lubricant when considering if you’ll try a water-based or silicone-based. Lube is not one size fits all - if you’re using sex toys, trying to get pregnant, or experimenting with anal sex in your relationship, this is going to affect the choice you make. Let’s dive in…

Best Lubes for Anal Sex

The first rule of anal sex is that you always need to use lube - not only to maximize pleasure but also to avoid the risk of infection. The second rule of anal sex is the wetter, the better. Therefore, you want to avoid water-based lubes because they dry out quickly and head straight for the silicone or oil-based lubes. 

Something else to keep in mind: if you’re using condoms and/or silicone sex toys during anal sex, have some water-based lube to hand. Silicone and oil will cause damage to silicone-based sex toys and break down condoms, making them less efficient. 

One final word on that wetter/better formula: silicone-based lubes are a dream if you experience vaginal dryness and/or vaginismus because of their slippery, thicker texture.

Sperm-Friendly Lubes

If you’re trying to conceive then it’s likely that you’re also using lube: having sex on a schedule or certain fertility treatments can cause vaginal dryness. In which case, avoid water-based lubricants as they have been proved to affect sperm mobility negatively. For now, medical research suggests that oil-based lubricants are the most sperm-friendly!

Best Lubes for All Night Long Sex Sessions

Again, reach for the oil-based lubricants - they’re the gift that keeps giving and giving. Plus, they double up as a massage oil before leading to other types of sexy shenanigans. However, it’s important to know that this type of lube can lead to split condoms, which is unnecessarily stressful and defeats the fun purpose of sex. In this case, reach for your favourite water-based lube!

Whether you prefer a silicone-based, oil-based or water-based lube is ultimately down to the individual. Do be sure to test different lubes (and play around with amounts) to figure out what feels best for you in your relationship. Once you’ve met your perfect match, let the fireworks begin…

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