Discovering Pleasure Parallels with the LGBTQ+ community

Jun 28, 2022
Discovering Pleasure Parallels with the LGBTQ+ community

Algorithms are f*cking with our pleasure. So let’s f*ck with the algorithms.

It’s no secret that algorithms have a profound influence over our online and offline behavior. And while there are benefits to technology serving up the content determined to be most relevant to us, more than often it means everyone is pushed into an echo chamber of their own making.

Within the LGBTQ+ community, that phenomena is even more pronounced. This community is regularly asked to label and define both themselves and what they’re “into”. And while this happens to everyone to a certain extent with search engines making assumptions on your interests based on those of similar profiles, the myriad of subcultures under the LGBTQ+ umbrella get further pushed and pigeonholed. Many gay dating apps, for example, require a detailed checklist of who and what you’re seeking when registering, funneling you down a certain path, limiting broader exposure and exploration.

Ultimately this means that everyone ends up seeing and doing the same things. The internet’s potential to connect communities and help others share and discover new interests is diluted, and people’s pursuit of pleasure is dulled and repetitive.

That’s why we wanted to create a different way to encourage the exploration of sexual desire.

A community driven exploration of pleasure
The Pleasure Parallel website is an LGBTQ+ community-driven platform that lets you create your own definitions of pleasure whilst aiming to push against the algorithms have shaped our outlook. To participate, simply scroll through an extensive list of different pleasures, interests and traits, select two, combine them into a unique pairing, and explore what they’re about in the glossary!

In the main gallery, you can scroll through what other members of the LGBTQ+ community have created to see what interests are shared and what people have expressed curiosity about. Say you create a pleasure parallel composed of “Pearl Necklace” and “Vibrator”, or “Pegging” and “Feet”, you’ll see what other people who created a similar parallel were interested in. This creates an organic and authentic recommendation system, powered by real people, real desires and providing new experiences for you to explore!

Create your own pleasure parallel today. You might just broaden your own pleasure horizon and discover something new.

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