7 Potential Causes Of ED, That Have Nothing To Do With Your Age

Feb 23, 2021
7 Potential Causes Of ED, That Have Nothing To Do With Your Age

1. Porn

Watching porn is a fact of life, but studies have shown that a compulsive use may lead to an increase in ED and a dissociation with real-life sexuality.

2. Psychological conditions

This one is huge. Any disturbance to mental health, including stress at work, hormone imbalance, seasonal depression, anxiety etc. can greatly impact your ability to perform sexually.

3. Unhealthy diet

Our modern diet is extremely high in refined sugars and processed carbs, which in addition to negatively affecting our overall health, has been shown to inhibit healthy vascular function necessary for getting and maintaining an erection. The chemicals and artificial additives found in processed foods may also affect your testosterone levels.

4. Obesity and inactivity

Research suggests that nearly 80% of men with erectile dysfunction have a BMI of 25 or higher. Inactivity only adds to this, contributing to poor cardiovascular health and potential symptoms of ED.

5. Medical problems and certain medications

Health issues that affect circulation, including diabetes, heart disease, etc. may increase your risk of ED. Additionally, prescription medications often come with a long list of potential side effects, including sexual dysfunction. Unlikely culprits include antihistamines and anti-depressants.

6. Smoking

Smoking inhibits circulation necessary for getting and maintaining an erection, quitting may improve symptoms of ED.

7. Alcohol and drug use

Last, but certainly not least, recreational drugs and alcohol can dull physical sensations and heighten psychological problems, intensifying any issues that may already contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Let’s be honest, a lot of the things listed above are unavoidable and part of modern life as we know it. However, simply being aware of these factors may help you to make positive changes that could decrease your risk for developing ED down the line.

ED is something no man wants to experience, but the good news is — it’s incredibly common, easy to treat and medication is extremely effective in most cases. “Medications can be lifesavers…often, these medications can help break the vicious cycle between ED and the negative emotions that ED produces”, says Dr. Snyder.

If some form of erectile dysfunction happens to you, don’t ignore the signs. If you’re interested in exploring treatment options for ED but don’t know which drug or treatment would work best, you can fill out our online medical questionnaire and a licensed physician will evaluate your needs and medical history to prescribe the most suitable option for you — no doctor’s visit required.

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